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s.mile DIREKT AG

Completely flexible

Fully customizable according to the clients’ preferences and desires.

We are always ready to hear our clients’ suggestions, ideas and needs in order to have successful cooperation for both parties.

Excellent quality/price ratio

We have high-standard manufacture and highly-educated personnel, at the same time we have competitive prices on the global market .

Full flexibility for entire portfolio

It is not unusual for our clients to ask for redesign of existing products. We are always ready to meet their needs.

Amazon No 1

We are proud to conclude that we are in No 1 group of sellers on

24/7/365 worldwide support

Our customer service is located in many countries and they are always ready to provide support. On website trusted shops, they get maximum grades.


with full and detailed information about all stadiums, cities, with full table for all groups and schedule from 1/8 till final game. Endless possibilities for further customization / logo, national flag, pictures of players, etc…

World Maps

various types and sizes – Children’s Map of the World, Physic Map of the World, Politic Map of the world, etc…

World Atlas

/pocket edition/ with various content /Children’s Atlas, Specific country Atlas, World Atlas, etc…

Various types of Globes

All products from our portfolio are fully-customisable according to clients needs /size, content, logo, advertising content, etc…/ and can be developed and produced as private label.

Our Mission

Production of innovative and original cartographic products that fully meet expectations and requirements of customers i.e. brand owners;

Our Vision

s.mile DIREKT AG as a leader on the global market in the cartographic development and production.

Our Priniciples

• Learning from our past we control our future; • Only the best is good enough; • We are focused on our customers and we build strong relationships with our partners; • Our people are our most valuable asset; • Each of us contributes to society and cares about the environment.

About us

s.mile DIREKT AG has a clear vision, ability and courage to guide ideas of our customers into reality!

Why customers choose us

With highly skilled personnel and new state-of-the-art production facility and equipment, we’re certain to meet all requirements of our customers.

Our R&D center includes a modern laboratory specialized in the development and cartographic analysis. It is possible to create different kinds of products in our laboratory to meet customer's requirements regarding content, quality, design, safety etc.

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